Are We Dependent on Computers

Published: 17th May 2011
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As a matter of fact, we are becoming overwhelmingly dependent on computers, right from the early childhood education to business dealing and online shopping! It saves our time and energy; also saves money needed to travel to shopping centers for buying goods. They make our work easier, comfortable and convenient.

In the modern age, there is apparently no place in the world where computers are not found. Computers are inevitable and its usage has become a necessity for scientists, students, professionals, health care workers, industrialists, businessmen, bankers, teachers, all alike. We all depend on computers so much that we tend to ignore the potential health hazards that risk our life. The extensive usage of computer harms our eyesight, brain, muscles and backbone.

Sitting for long hours in front of computer screens is risky. Radiation from screen directly affects the eyesight. Moreover, the magnetic field affects the brain which ultimately leads to poor memory. A person using computer for long hours daily, suffers from muscular pain, as he becomes lethargic due to lack of physical movement. The human body needs fine blood circulation, which is hampered while using computer, thus resulting in muscle pain.

Not only this, human relations have negative impact due to lack of meeting personally to each other. Human relations have become fragile and complicated due to interaction through machine.

Almost everything in life has been computerized. Education system is fully revolutionized. Students depend a great deal on computers, to do research on Internet, complete their home assignment and project work. Class rooms are fitted with computers to teach students in an effective way. Schools mostly use refurbished laptops and used computers for students.

The main drawback is experienced when computers stop working due to power failure. The regular users of computer are so lethargic that they cannot do any work as they are accustomed to work on computers. The main negative impact is they are vulnerable to electromagnetic attacks caused by solar flares.

As computer serves to be the greatest source of information, education, entertainment and knowledge, the negative theories related to it has meager significance in society. It is a vital tool that people use today. They allow us to do home-based jobs, provide us opportunity to socialize with relatives and allow us to make new friends daily. It is difficult to travel and meet families who live far away, but with a click of a mouse and keyboard, we can easily connect them at any suitable time.

Computers and laptops have made our lives easier and simpler. We can get information on any topic with just a click of the mouse. It enables us to do many things at a time, shop in the comfort of our home, keep in touch with our friends online via social networking sites, even attend school online.

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